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Alaskan king bed

American Made

Every Alaskan king bed is handcrafted to perfection by our North Carolina artisans using heritage techniques.

Alaskan king mattress

Feeding America

No one should go hungry in America. That's a belief we hold close to our hearts. More than 35 million people struggled with hunger in 2019, and 2020 was far higher.

Our mission is to help fight hunger in America. For every Alaskan king bed we sell, we donate 10 meals to families in need.

Feeding the Toddler

"Bedtime is a whole lot better (and bigger) with our Luxe Alaskan king bed."

Louis & Madeline

The Best Alaskan King Mattress


The Alaskan King bed, with dimensions at a whopping nine feet long by nine feet 9x9 wide, is truly the King of oversized mattresses. It dwarfs the other beds named for geography: the California King, the Texas King, and the Wyoming King. Historically, it wasn’t until the 1940s in America that beds larger than the classic Twin or Double began to get manufactured.

These larger mattresses quickly made an impact on the market, and with the introduction of the California King in the 1960s, new and bigger mattresses started to get standardized sizes. As consumers' homes and bedrooms continued to grow in size, so did the demand for even more immense and luxurious mattresses, like the Alaskan King mattress.


The exact origin of the Alaskan King bed 108"x108" is debated, but it most likely first appeared in the 1960s - 1970s after the popularity of the California King proved there was a market for an even larger bed. Unlike the name ‘California King’, the Alaskan King’s name most likely does not indicate the geographic origin of the first Alaskan King mattress ever made.

Instead, the Alaska King is named based on size, because Alaska is by far the largest U.S. state - double the size of Texas, the 2nd largest state! This is the perfect name for a giant mattress that dwarfs all standard-sized beds.

Alaskan King Bed

How many people can sleep on an Alaskan King bed?

An Alaska King oversize 108" x 108" mattress can hold four grown adults comfortably and is the perfect giant bed for families that co-sleep together. It is also great for individuals who are exceptionally tall or like to spread out at night, or for couples with large pets that share the bed with them. For anyone with a large enough bedroom, nothing can beat the luxury of stretching out on an Alaskan King bed.

Free Shipping

Every order includes free curbside delivery. We also offer in-home delivery and packing disposal for the Grand Luxe.

10-Year Warranty

Your Alaskan king Mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. Sleep easy knowing your purchase is protected.

Flexible Financing

Purchase your Alaskan King Bed today with no money down and 0% APR. Subject to credit check and approval.


Visit Our Showroom

Feel the quality in-person

Book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms, and experience the luxury of our Alaskan King mattresses and beds firsthand.

  • What size is the Alaskan King?
    Alaskan King Mini Width 96" (243.84 cm) Length 96" (243.84 cm) Alaskan King Shorty Width 108" (274.32 cm) Length 80" (203.2 cm) Alaskan King Shorty L Width 108" (274.32 cm) Length 84" (213.36 cm) Alaskan King Width 108" (274.32 cm) Length 108" (274.32 cm) Height varies by model.
  • Will an Alaskan king mattress fit through a standard doorway?
    We ship our Alaskan king mattresses folded in half which allows them fit through a standard doorway. This does not affect the performance or lifespan. Once removed from the packaging, your Alaskan King mattress will ready for a snooze in under one minute.
  • Where will my mattress ship from?
    We ship our mattresses from one of our two factories: Greenville, South Carolina or Conover, North Carolina.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Curbside delivery is free in the 48 states. You can view all of our delivery options here.
  • Do you ship outside of the 48 states?
    Not at this time.
  • How long is delivery after I place my order?
    Mattresses ship in approximately 4 weeks. Platform beds ship in approximately 5 weeks. The Kincaid bed frame ships in approximately 10 weeks. Bedding arrives in approximately 2-3 weeks. NOTE: We ship mattresses and bed frames together. Please use bed frame shipping times when ordering a mattress and bed frame together.
  • Can I specifiy a delivery date?
    Since we use third part delivery services, we're unable to 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on a specific date. Sometimes it's possible to deliver within a date range. Speak with a product expert for more information by calling +1 877-267-7772.
  • How do I track my order?
    You have three ways to track your order. 1. Text 828.552.5099 (Typical response time is 2-4 hours but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply) 2. Fill out the form at the top of our contact page. (Typical response time is 2-4 hours but please allow up to 24 hours for a reply) 3. Call +1 877.267.7772
  • Do you make custom sizes?
    We can make your mattress smaller or larger than our standard Alaskan king size. Speak with a product expert for more information by calling +1 877-267-7772.
  • How long can my Alaskan King mattress stay in the box after I receive it?
    We suggest removing your Alaskan King mattress from the box within 3 weeks of receiving it. Keeping your mattress in the box for an extended time can compromise the mattress's ability to return to full shape.

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